VakifBank kept winning streak in Champions League

VakifBank kept winning streak in Champions League

The ‘Match of the Week’ featuring titleholders VakıfBank ISTANBUL and Russia’s Dinamo MOSCOW will draw much of the attention – especially since the Muscovites need a positive result in order to remain in contention for a spot in the Playoffs.  

VakifBank ISTANBUL (TUR) vs. Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS)

  • VakifBank ISTANBUL claimed four titles in 2017, i.e. the CEV Volleyball Champions League, the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship, Turkey’s Supercup and national cup.
 • VakifBank ISTANBUL were the first Turkish team to win Europe’s elite club competition – in 2011 – and the only one to have three titles to their name – 2011, 2013 and 2017.
 • VakifBank have not lost a Champions League home match since December 11, 2014 when they lost 1-3 to France’s RC CANNES.
 • It is the last home match in Pool D for VakifBank where they have three wins in as many matches so far.

 VakifBank team captain Gözde Kirdar: “Dinamo MOSCOW is an incredibly strong team, especially in attack. They recently transferred a player to strengthen their roster. It will be a very important match for us, because we want to secure first place in Pool D. We are working very hard for this match and I hope our supporters will not leave us alone.”

 VakifBank middle blocker Milena Rasic: “Dinamo MOSCOW is a very good team. I am sure they will come here to give everything they can. We know how important this game is for us and for them as well. We have to be ready for this match.”

VakifBank ISTANBUL head coach Giovanni Guidetti: “For sure this will be a very different match from the one that we had in Moscow. This match will be Dinamo MOSCOW’s last chance to stay in contention for a spot in the Playoffs. They have a new and very good player in attack. It will be a very difficult match for us. We have to play very carefully.”

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  • Sheilla joins VakıfBank5/19/2014

    The Turkish Champions, VakıfBank has transferred the Brazilian Star Sheilla Castro known as...

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    Sheilla joins VakıfBank

    The Turkish Champions, VakıfBank has transferred the Brazilian Star Sheilla Castro known as one of the best players in the world. The Brazilian National Opposite player will wear VakıfBank’s team shirt for the upcoming season.

    VakıfBank recently added the Dutch star Robin de Kruijf to its team and the second external transfer move is completed by transferring the world famous Brazilian star Sheilla Castro. The 1983 born star Sheilla Castro, will wear the World and European Champion VakıfBank’s team shirt for the approaching season. The Brazilian star has many successes in her career, just last year her team reached the Brazilian League Championship and second place at World Club Championship. Sheilla plays as an opposite player and has been part of the Brazilian National team since the year 2002.

    Sheilla is very happy to join VakıfBank describing that ‘’ I’m happy to join such a strong team like VakıfBank. The only championship that is missing in my career is the European Championship and I really want to win it and of course I also want to continue the Turkish Championship series too. It really thrills me being in Istanbul. I can’t wait until the season begins, where I will go down to the court with my friends; I really look forward to it ‘’. Sheila also mentioned that she use to play with VakıfBank’s Italian star Costagrande and is happy to come together again. 

    VakıfBank Club Chairman Osman Demren added that ‘’ The pieces that we wanted to add to our new team for this season is beginning to establish. We are continuing with transfers to build a strong, energetic and enthusiastic team. Following our recent transfer with Robin de Kruijf, we have agreed with the world famous star Sheilla Castro.  Sheila Castro has a career filled with individual and team successes and we believe that she will add a lot to VakıfBank. We are happy to give our team and all Turkish Volleyball fans a world star like Sheila’’.
    After the signature ceremony, Sheilla Castro spent a day in Istanbul touring around and tasting Turkish Cuisine. The star was charmed and touched by the Historical Peninsula and Bosphorus tour and mentioned that throughout the time she will live in Istanbul, she will often tour around Istanbul.

    Sheilla Castro De Paula Blassioli

    The star was born on the 1st of July 1983 in Belo Horizonte; the Volleyball authorities have accepted the Brazilian star Sheilla Castro as one of the best players in volleyball. She signed her first official agreement at the age of 14 and played at Mackenzie for 3 years and later transferred to MRV Minas in the year 2000. After transferring to the Italian Scavolini Pesaro team in 2004, the star played in Italy for a further 4 years. She then later returned back to her home country and played for Sao Caetano, Unilever and Molico Osasco for two seasons each at these clubs. The successful opposite player was attached to VakıfBank’s colour before the 2014-2015 season. 

    The successful player has countless individual awards and Championships filled in her career winning the Olympics with her National team twice, Grand Prix 5 times, 2 Intercontinental world Cups, 5 South American Championships and 1 South American Youth Championship. 
    With her Club team successes she has won the World Club Championship once, the South American Club Championship once, 2 European CEV titles, Italian league once, Italian Cup once, 2 Brazilian League and 2 Brazilian Cup Championships. Sheilla Castro also won the following personal awards:

    Athlete of the Year: Brazilian Olympic Games (2012) 
    Intercontinental World Championships: Most Valuable Player (2005), Top Scorer (2005) 
    World Grand Prix: Most Valuable Player (2006, 2009) 
    FIFA Club World Championship: Most Valuable Player (2012), Top Scorer (2012) 
    European CEV Cup: The Best Server (2006) 
    Brazilian League: Best Spiker (2008, 2010), Best Server (2010), Top Scorer (2008) 
    Italian League: Top Scorer (2007)

    For Press Release, Player interview and photographs follow the link below.

  • Interview with Sheilla Castro5/19/2014

    VakıfBank’s new Brazilian star Sheilla Castro has spoken to our official website.

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    Interview with Sheilla Castro

    VakıfBank’s new Brazilian star Sheilla Castro has spoken to our official website. With her energetic and cheerful personality, Sheilla also successfully proved her interest and motivation towards learning Turkish.  In Europe, players are often called by their surnames and Sheilla underlined a special request ‘’Please just call me Sheilla’’

    VB: Firstly welcome to VakıfBank and Turkey. How does it feel to start a new page in your successful career?

    SC: I’m quite happy to be in Istanbul and VakıfBank. It’s going to the beginning of a new adventure for me and I think that it will be good for me and for the team.  I can also tell you that, together as a team we will do all our best. I can’t wait until the season begins where I will go down to the court with my friends; I really look forward to it.

    VB:  You have achieved many personal awards through the Olympics and the World Championship, what will be your new aims together with the team?

    SC: I think there are many more achievements we can win. For example I have never won the Champions League before. For me to win these I have to spend a very good season and I strongly believe that I have the strength to accomplish this. I would love to be part of that team where we are set at top at the end of the season.

    VB: You’ve had experience in Italy before, but for 6 seasons you’ve played in your home country Brazil. Is it going to be easy for you to adapt yourself into European Volleyball?

    SC: Yes, I don’t think that I’m going to experience any problems with this. VakıfBank has a team with top level players and I’m sure that they will be very helpful. Europe also has very top level players in the world too and it is going to be a pleasure to play with them.

    VB:  What can you say about our opponents in the Turkish League and European Champions League?

    SC: I think that it’s important for my team to look and demonstrate our strength than look at our opponents. I’m aware that we will be competing against strong teams but if we spend a season where we match our quality we know we will reach all of our aims.

    VB: Do you have a special reason to why you have picked number 13?

    SC:  Since I started playing volleyball and when I had to choose a number, I was always attracted to number 13. Throughout my career, I have picked to play in this number.

    VB: And finally, what would you like to say to our huge VakifBank family and fans? 

    SC: I’m currently in one of the biggest club in volleyball. I am very happy to be here and to wear VakıfBank’s team shirt. I want everyone to know that, I will do my best to win more championships and I’m also now a ‘Cup Hunter’.

  • Interview with Robin de Kruijf5/10/2014

    Welcometo VakıfBank. You’re in a newcountry...

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    Interview with Robin de Kruijf

    Welcometo VakıfBank. You’re in a newcountry, in a new team signing a contract right now. So how do you feel?

    RK: Im really excited, happy excited to be in a new country, to be in a new culture with a new language.

    We know that you’ve had plenty of transfer offers, so what were your reasons in preffering totakepart at VakıfBank?

    RK: VakıfBank to me is the best team in the world, they’re a very good team, a very good coach. I’ve heard very good references for Giovanni Guidetti and also volleyball lives here in Istanbul. There is very good teams here in Istanbul and I am very honoured that VakıfBank wanted to work with me.

    VakıfBank constantly takes place in all major tournament finals. So how does it feel to wear the teams shirt and what do you think you will add to the team and what are your expectations?

    RK:My expectations for VakıfBank is that the team has already proved that is the top world team. I think the only expectation that I can have is to win and to show another year that we will be the best and I hope I can be part of that.

    You have previously  played in theDutch, German and Italian leagues, sowhat do you think about the Turkish League.

    RK:Im use to playing in the finals in Italy for example I have example the super cup, Italian cup and the Italian league cup.

    You also play for Netherland sNational Team and compete with Turkey. What do you think about the Turkish National Team and its players?

    RK: I cant compare the Turkish league with the Dutch league, the German league was form e to learn and develop myself but I can compare the Italian and the Turkish league because Italy is a very Professional league where there are good players and the teams are Professional and volleyball lives there too.  I dont know how its going to be in Turkey yet but if you look at VakıfBank, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray  and Eczacıbaşı , to me theyre the best teams in the world. I dont think there are at this moment teams in Italy you can compare with it yet.I think that the Turkish National team with Neslihan, Naz all the players actually they always have a really positive, so its a nice team to play against and a team that I like to play against. The Turkish National team is a very Professional team.

    What would you like to say to our big VakıfBank Family that has 20,000 employees and Fans?

    RK: Im really honured that VakıfBank has trusted met o play in this great team and be part of the great family. I will give everything andI m proud to wear this shirt.

  • The Dutch Star is Now With VakıfBank5/10/2014

    After wrapping up the season with championship titles, VakıfBank is actively...

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    The Dutch Star is Now With VakıfBank

    After wrapping up the season with championship titles, VakıfBank is actively engaging with transfers. The famous Dutch National player Robin de Kruijf is the first foreign transfer to sign a contract with the club for the upcoming season.

    VakıfBank’s first external transfer movement was carried out with the Dutch middle blocker and a contract is now signed between both parties. Robin de Kruijf ; born on the 5th of May, 1991 will wear the VakıfBank shirt and join the team to take part in major European and World Championship tournaments. The Dutch star that has many successes in her current sports career, previously experienced the league and cup championships in Italy while playing for Piacenza. Kruijf who plays as a middle blocker, has also been a National team player since 2008 for the Dutch National team.

    The star middle blocker Kruijf, is happy to join the European and World champion team VakıfBank and states that ‘’VakıfBank has already proved that they’re one of the best team in the world. My job is to support my team this season so that it will remain at the top place. Now I’m part of this family, I will not let their trust down’’.  The Dutch star has also picked her team shirt number 15, explaining that the reason to do so was to cherish her friend Ingrid Visser’s memory. Ingrid Visser tragically lost her life last year in Spain.
    VakıfBank Sports Club Chairman Osman Demren has also added ‘’ We are working hard to create a team that will be strong, energetic and enthusiastic for the new season. For this reason we have agreed to transfer the Italian Piacenza champion and Netherlands National team player, Robin De Kruijf. Robin is young, talented, fast and a competent player. We strongly believe that she will provide beneficial contribution to our team for many following years’’

    So who is Robin De Kruijf?

    Born on the 5th of May 1991, the star player is 1.92 m tall middle blocker. In 2006, she first started to play at Taurus club in the Netherlands. She has so far played at Heutink Pollux (NL), Dela Martinus (NL), TVC Amstelveen (NL), Dresdner SC (DE) and at Rebecchi Nordmeccanica Piacenza (IT).
    With the Dutch National team in 2009, she experienced 2nd place at European championship tournament. During the 2009-2010 season, together with TVC Amstelveen she has won the Dutch championship and the league championship. While at Dresdner SC in 2012-2013 season, the Dutch star has won 2nd place with together with the German team and previously during the 2013 season while at the Italian Piacenza, she has experienced the Italian Super Cup and just recently in 2014, she won the Italian Super Cup and Italian league title. Kruijf’s block height is 299cm and hit height is 314cm, the successful player was also awarded the ‘Player of the Year’ in Germany last year. 

    Follow the link below for the interview and photographs for this press release.

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